Train the Trainer

Great trainers are excellent for business, assisting the workforce in knowledge, skills and safety

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BMINZ Certificate/ Deliver on-job training for adult trainee

Entry Requirements – OPEN

This course does not assess NZQA unit standards

1 day

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The BMINZ Train The Trainer Course

Training co workers is a skill that is developed. Training is often not given priority and tends to be delivered by some that may know the content but are not skilled in training. The result is a workforce that learns bad habits, short-cuts, and who do not understand the reason why workplace knowledge is important. Training your best workers to understand the expertise of training others means that you will always have a plan to keep knowledge within the business. Creating a secondary expert workforce is also a key risk minimisation strategy.

It is important that trainers have two separate skill sets and knowledge. Firstly they need to know the subject they are training. Secondly, they need to know how to transfer that information to the trainees so they clearly understand, are able to put into practice, and change behaviour.

Course Objectives

This course covers:

  • Teaching and learning styles
  • Principles of training and stages of learning
  • The differences between teaching, training, coaching, and mentoring
  • Creating a positive learning environment
  • Creating learning outcomes within a workplace context, in comparison to a traditional teaching context
  • Key important adult learning models and theories
  • Planning and writing learning outcomes
  • Effective training and delivery methods
  • Preparing, delivering, and reviewing on the job training
  • Understanding the measurement of competency, and any ‘Just in Time’ training required, including models to deliver this
  • The role of workplace assessment in knowledge adoption, and how these tools assist in defining a competent workforce.
  • Understand how adult learning theories and models can be applied to create better learning outcomes for your workforce
  • Generate ideas for successfully training your team to competently do their job
  • Use tools, templates and training structures straight away in the workplace for immediate positive results
  • Discover new ways to change existing training events, so they work more effectively
  • Provide a blueprint for future training in your company, while creating an expert tier of workers that can ensure Best Practice knowledge is demonstrated everyday.

Entry Criteria

To be eligible to enrol in this programme you must meet the following entry criteria.

  • Be leading a team or able to lead a team.
  • Be aged over 16 years old.
  • Be a Citizen or Resident of Australia or New Zealand.
  • Open entry. There may be availability to train through your ITO (Industry Training Organisation). BMINZ will work with you to ascertain if you are eligible for a training subsidy through your ITO.