DiSC for Leaders

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1 day

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Improve Workplace Results

This course provides workplace leaders with an insight into their workplace leadership traits. Understanding default behaviours means that people who complete this course can use their DiSC type to the best effect in the workplace. DiSC profiling improves communication skills in your people, promoting high performing teams.

Increase the bench-strength of your leaders by supporting your key people to understand their leadership style, and improve on any current behaviours. Your people will gain an in depth understanding of the most beneficial leadership skills
for their teams.

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Individualised DiSC Profile Report

Each learner who attends this programme will receive an individualised DiSC profile report. DiSC profiles help learners to understand how they can adapt their behaviours to support relationships and align actions to meet business goals.

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Understanding DiSC

Enhance leadership skills through understanding DiSC behaviour styles and utilise this knowledge to team leadership.

DiSC is an assessment tool that uses four basic behaviour types to describe human behaviour. We are each unique, with our own blend of the four behaviour types, making us who we are, how we act and
how we react to different situations.

This programme (with DiSC captured in a diagram below) is for people who are current or emerging team leaders.

disc diagram
  • Understand the four DiSC behaviour traits and how these traits drive a person’s actions, communication preferences, and reactions to stress and conflict
  • Team Leaders who understand these traits can take proactive steps to empower their team by creating a work environment that recognises the unique behaviour dynamics of the team, making sure the team can respond positively to challenges
  • Understanding DiSC helps leaders to improve how teams connect and cooperate, reduces conflict and confusion, enhances productivity, and grow from these challenges.

DiSC profiling can help each member of a team, as the self awareness and knowledge people gain from the course help them to change the way they relate to others in a positive way. If teams in your company are not 100% functioning, then this course could be the answer to increasing productivity.

Arm your leaders with the tools to anticipate and respond to team behaviours.