Changing The Story

Inspire your teams to be healthy and safe at work

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Course Purpose

This course will support leaders to develop the knowledge, skills and behaviours to become better Health and Safety communicators. They will learn how to develop their teams and create a positive Health and Safety environment.

The best Health and Safety plans and systems can fail due to poor or non-existent communication, either a total lack of it, or miscommunication.

Effective communication needs to be given just as much time and attention as the actual plan itself.

Lack of communication can impede a good Health and Safety culture being created in your workplace. It can also create a dangerous, non compliant and disengaged approach to Health and Safety.

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Why Communication Is Vital

Effective communication is crucial to achieving an injury-free workplace.

Most injuries can be attributed to people not following procedure and not communicating health and safety concerns.

Employees are often reluctant to provide feedback to leaders or to bring up concerns with colleagues.

  • Do your employees have a clear and consistent understanding of what is expected from a Health and Safety perspective?
  • Are your employees not listening to the Health and Safety messages and it is hard to get their buy in?
  • Are your employees taking Health and Safety seriously or are they avoiding their responsibilities?
  • Is there a resistance to change that is hindering the development of a great safety culture?

Being able to provide and receive health and safety feedback more effectively will change in a way that will make your health and safety goals more achievable.To be eligible to enrol in this programme you must meet the following entry criteria.