Effective Communication Skills

Effective communication skills are crucial for the success of any business.

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1 day or tailored to suit

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The Principles of Communication

One of our most hotly requested topics – applied workplace communication is a skill that when mastered, can single-handedly improve productivity, safety and employee engagement in your workplace. This programme takes challenges in your workplace around communication shortfalls, and delivers real strategies and techniques for improvement.

Effective communication is an essential skill to achieve productivity goals and maintain strong working relationships at all levels within your organisation.

For Effective Communication we must:

  • Define company goals and expectations
  • Deliver your message clearly
  • Choose your channel carefully
  • Keep everyone in the loop
  • Actively listen
  • Show empathy
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Key Learning Outcomes

At the end of the programme participants will develop the skills to:

  • Build stronger working relationships and connections
  • Develop self-awareness, explore your communication style and preferences
  • Gain insight into your unique brand and how to make a personal impact
  • Use practical techniques to improve how they relate to others and influence people
  • Display essential communication tools to use in everyday workplace situations
  • Manage communication time wasters to increase your productivity
  • Utilise a proactive rather than reactive communication approach
  • Manage your own and others’ reactions in challenging situations or when giving or receiving feedback
  • Apply essential communication skills across all mediums
  • Be aware of body language as a communication tool, while learning ways to project a positive message through body language.
  • Use communication theories, models and concepts, and place them into ‘real-world’ examples, applying them to your workplace
  • Take communication techniques and apply these to your team’s ability to function each day – reap the benefits of increased production through greater positive communication behaviours
  • Become aware of how behaviours could be adapted to support effective performance
  • Rediscover how communication can be improved through understanding behaviours. a training subsidy through your ITO.