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Health & Safety packs and standard operating procedures

Health And Safety Made Simple

Our Safer Team consultants provide an Action Plan that sets you up with a range of planning tools templates to ensure that your business is compliant with current legislation.

Safer Team can also customise templates and develop the safe working procedures that you need.

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health and saftey policies
health and saftey policies
event health and safety plan

Health And Safety Package

Do you know what you need to meet legislation?

This pack includes:

  • Health and Safety Policies and Procedures
  • Health and Safety Templates:
    • Risk Assessment Form
    • Incident/Accident Investigation Report
    • Health and Safety Training Register
    • Contractor Health and Safety Agreement and many more.
  • Getting Started Implementation Guide
  • A sample of Safe Operating Procedure

Pre-qualification Application Support

Contractor Certifications such as SiteWise, PreQual and SHE have become an essential business requirement for many businesses in order to secure contract work with many large organisations.

Safer Team offers support to businesses to achieve results easily, providing the maximum amount of support and minimum amount of stress.

With our guidance and experience, we can help you achieve the pass rates required.

Safer Team can help you with your:

  • A Gap Analysis of your documentation to advise you of what evidence is required
  • Templates of the required forms
  • Loading evidence onto the pre-qualification system.

How Can SOPS Help Your Business?

Partnering with you to help write your Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s)

Provide Consistency

Consistency is key in running a business. Your customers and clients want to know what to expect when they communicate or interact with you.

They will also come to expect a certain standard.

Minimise Errors

SOPs will help to ensure that things are done correctly every time.

Improving Productivity And Saving Time

Teams may not understand the correct way to carry out tasks and procedures.

SOPs will ensure everyone will do the same job in the same way that is consistent with the company requirements.

Following Safety And Compliance

SOPs outline safe working procedures so everyone gets home safely.

They help you comply with health and safety regulations.

Standardised Training

Having comprehensive SOPs ready to go can save time when training new employees on specific tasks and make sure training is consistent across your company.


We’ve taken the stress out of health and safety with this simple to use package, ready to implement into your workplace.

Get started today with the Health and Safety System and Tools you need to meet legislation.