PROBLEM SOLVING & ROOT CAUSE ANALYSIS: Learn how to make great decisions.
PROBLEM SOLVING & ROOT CAUSE ANALYSIS: Learn how to make great decisions.
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Everyone can benefit from learning the tools to systematically solve workplace problems and identify the root cause to prevent recurrence. Using the cross-functional team approach, you will learn to apply disciplined and proven root cause
analysis methodologies to problems impacting your organisation. Root Cause Analysis is a method of solving problems that is used to diagnose the true cause, faults, variations and/or problems.

This one-day course will equip participants with the skills to identify and resolve workplace problems. Organisations with staff skilled in effective problem
solving and root cause analysis have the benefit of:

› Identifying cause and effect for problem solving
› Developing long lasting workplace solutions
› Improving reliability and performance management
› Identifying supply chain interruptions and more


Clearly defining problems that need evaluation with techniques to resolve them is the basis of this course. Participants will learn a systematic team approach to problem solving by utilising the Plan-Do- Check-Act (PDCA) method. Upon completion learners will be able to:

› Define the problem, assemble a team and take containment action
› Measure the impact of the problem
› Apply standard methods to investigate and analyse problems
› Explain methods for developing and implementing solutions
› Identify root causes of problems and potential solutions
› Implement appropriate actions to prevent recurrence
› Develop best practices for monitoring action plans for success
› Exercise effective team based problem solving skills
› Articulate root cause analysis methods
› Understand Fishbone, 5 Why, Histograms, Bell Curves and Variation.

the 5 ways
fishbone diagram