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Vocational Education Reform 2019

On 13th February 2019 a Vocational Education Reform proposal was released, with the aim of improving the skillsets of those learners completing on-the-job training.

The three main proposals for change include:

  1. New roles for providers and industry bodies (ITOs)
  2. A New Zealand Institute of Skills and Technology serving all of New Zealand
  3. A unified funding system

“The ITOs will be replaced by new ‘industry skills bodies’which will be led by employers.  They will become ‘bookends to the vocational education system’, setting standards and checking that trainees have been well trained …”

See the TEC statement here –

See the Herald article here –

BMINZ’s current Industry Advisory Panel aligns well to this proposed reform, collaborating with industry to ensure that workplace training meets employers current and future needs. 

Stakeholder feedback for the Vocational Education Reformproposal will be taken until 27th March 2019.  BMINZ will holdtheir next Industry Advisory Panel meeting on 08/03/2019, and the outcome of this meeting will be communicated as feedback to the proposal.  If you would like to join this discussion, or are interested in joining BMINZ’s Industry Advisory Panel, please contact BMINZ’s Academic Manager, Hayley Clement – for further details.



BMINZ are a registered PTE (Private Training Establishment), offering programmes that lead to NZQA achievements.

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